Minimalist Courses Portfolio

by Tini

Personal minimalist courses

Discover how I created some of my courses and how I've been using them to showcase my work and teach the things I'm passionate about that I have applied myself.


1. Your next mini-course idea.

2. Masterclass structure.

3. Awareness of results.

4. Clear & results-driven guest speech structure.

Monica, intuitive art healer

Monica wanted to have a course to present her work to companies in search of a creative boost coach for their employees.

And a course that would also work to teach people how to find their essence when it comes to expressing themselves through art.

We created one versatile course that takes people on a creative journey, with individual and group exercises.

Jeanette, grief healing coach

Jeanette wanted a risk-free resource for people to try out before deciding to jump on a discovery call.

I used J's existing blog content and free resources to create a unique, starter course for people to sample and decide whether J's unique approach is the right one for them.

Nina, mindfulness coach

Nina had been running a Facebook group for years and was thinking of closing it down. But wanted to take something tangible out of the experience.

I went through Nina's written content and extracted a minimalist course to highlight the expertise and unique approach that went into nurturing the community.

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