Minimalist course Monica

by Tini

💫 Monica, intuitive art healer

Idea & purpose: Monica wanted to have a course to present her work to companies in search of a creativity and productivity boost for their employees.

And a course that would also work to teach people how to find their essence when it comes to expressing themselves through art.

Recycled material/Mountain of Gold: Notes, written materials, sessions, and interviews.

Delivered product: 5-lesson versatile course, around 30 minutes of practical and insightful content that leads to results right from the start. The course is more of an overview of a specific part of your work, a practical introduction.

Action steps & structure: Monica loves to lead classes intuitively and deliver what is needed in the moment based on who attends the class. So, I made sure she has the structure that allows her to deliver in a straight line, while also giving her the space to be as creative as possible. 

She can do this by changing the examples in the course to fit the people attending each class. And she can not only release the course as a self-study resource, but she can use the content to deliver live classes.


Other features: The homework is called ‘Let’s dance!’, which takes it away from the boring ‘oh, look, homework’… not everyone loves homework as much as I do, so we need to get creative. Actually, this ability to make work fun is what has been growing my love for homework.

The ‘Let’s dance!’ part, not only announces the action steps and creates excitement, but works as a Floating Feature, present in all lessons to create that sense of safety.


Finishing touches: Before releasing the course to the public, Monica needs to add a few visuals since this course had an automatic drawing component. This is what she does. Gave her the directions on where to add the visuals and what their purpose is so that she knows exactly what to do.


More about the versatility of the course: Since the course is more of a framework that can be adapted to work for different purposes, the exercises can be explained in different ways, the homework name can be changed. It’s all to give direction and inspire creativity. 

There’s a meditation included in one of the lessons. This meditation can be offered separately as well for people to access easily when they want to connect with their creative flow.

Each lesson can be broken down and explored in more depth. This would lead to having more standalone mini-courses or specific classes that teach people specific skills. There are parts of the course that could work as posts, for instance, or offered as samples.

Want your own minimalist course extracted from your existing written content? 


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