Minimalist course Jeanette

by Tini

💫 Jeanette, grief healing coach

Idea & purpose: A risk-free starter course to warm people up, speed up Know-Like-Trust, and lead into 1:1 conversations.

Recycled material/Mountain of Gold: Blog posts & other written resources, brief email conversations, additional research.

Delivered product: 5-lesson course with gentle, practical, and easy to implement on the spot action steps. The course (25-30 minutes to navigate) can be released as a pdf, as an email course, or the lessons can be recorded individually and released in video or audio format.


Action steps & structure: I added a suggestion for a simple mindfulness exercise in one of the lessons. It went really well with J’s compassionate approach. This action step can replace it with a different, similar signature exercise or technique. For the other practical tasks, I used existing exercises found in the materials.

I simplified the content as much as possible, still preserving the richness of it. Made it actionable, without adding to the pressure and heaviness people already feel when grieving. But still making sure that the exercises and action steps contribute to the healing process.

Other features: I used a recurring phrase J was using frequently ‘Your heart deserves to be healed’ as what I call Floating Feature. A feature that’s present in all the lessons to create the sense of safety, while also highlighting J’s message and words.

I also included a few elements to tie everything together so that the course feels like a complete, satisfying journey, leaving room for more. Connecting the lessons to spark curiosity and highlight results.

Finishing touches: The courses I deliver are to be seen as frameworks and not fixed scripts. I encourage my clients to review the content and submit any questions they might have. Or take the liberty to adjust the content knowing that they have a solid, yet flexible structure to keep their delivery concise and results-driven.

Want your own minimalist course extracted from your existing written content? 


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