Hello! I’m Tini (Tincuta Nitu). Writer, ghostwriter & book/course development consultant.

Get in touch if you’re interested in repurposing your existing content into practical, engaging, expert books or courses.

Tini is the one who really has had the biggest impact on my business for me. Because understanding how to structure a course this way, in a way that the delivery is very effective, has been for me way more valuable than any marketing strategy.
We worked together again on a new 30 day quest for aspiring fantasy authors that starts in two days and it is better than I could have ever dreamed to create on my own 😍

The Mysterious Course Island

Learn how to share your knowledge and expertise in a well-structured course that's highly-rated, engaging, and practical.

Practical Resources

For established experts who want to package their expertise in practical, engaging, and thought-provoking books, courses, classes, workshops.

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