Minimalist course Nina

by Tini

💫 Nina, mindfulness coach

Idea & purpose: Nina had been running a Facebook group for years and was thinking of closing it down. But wanted to get something tangible out of the experience.

Recycled material/Mountain of Gold: Written posts inside a Facebook group.

Delivered product: A minimalist course to give a sneak peek into the many techniques and tools Nina uses as part of the work, without overwhelming the ones taking the course. A satisfying journey that leaves room for more. 5 lessons. 

Nina can release the course as a pdf, as an email course, or record the lessons individually and release a video or audio course that’s around 25-30 minutes

Action steps & structure: Throughout the course content, you will find a series of benefits and results mentioned usually in the beginning of the lessons and around the action steps. Awareness of results is a key component in the courses I create. Which allows the course to be used in many different formats, as well.

The homework is called ‘Inspired practice’ and highlights a different exercise each time. Nina is a big believer in teaching what we have experienced, so I wanted to make sure people knew that and were introduced to the variety of ways they could reach the results.


Other features: Based on Nina’s materials, I noticed the love for sharing thoughts and insights related to the seasons. Nina talked about the many walks in nature and feelings and how they were influenced by the cyclicity of it all. So, the theme of the course is related to the seasons. How there are seasons in every single moment before we make a decision, for instance.


Finishing touches: Nina has a collection of meditations that I suggested could be used to pull content from and add as action step in one of the lessons.


Versatility: The course framework I sent over can be reshaped, expanded on. Or can be used to even extract individual lessons to give samples and/or host sessions or workshops that are in season. 😀 Everything becomes easier when you have a clear framework that’s condensed and packed with results, practical homework, and exciting journeys, without the fear of teaching too much or too little.


Want your own minimalist course extracted from your existing written content? 


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