Consulting Projects Portfolio

by Tini

💫 Ann-Marie, nutrition specialist

Some of the things we worked on:

Ann-Marie had an existing course that she didn’t feel was effective. The lessons were long and too complex.

We worked together to streamline the content. Kept the lessons digestible. Simplified the tasks and made them easier to implement. 

Started the course with the signature method, giving people what they were there for. And attached a time travel theme to the course to bring forth this feeling of nostalgia that would bring families closer together.

💫 Rebecca Kleha, health and nutrition coach

What did we work on? 

Rebecca had a loose outline, the foundation topics, and ideas of what she wanted to include for each week/module, but she wanted to get an outside opinion to clarify the ROI the clients get at each step.

Looked at her existing sales page, along with the notes for the course. And delivered an in-depth results-driven, flexible, customizable structure to make sure clients received what they signed up for.

This also makes it easier to deliver the course content, as well as talk about the course and the results it helps with.

💫 Adam, writing coach

What did we work on?

From existing trainings, ideas, notes, and content to a clear, results-driven written course ready to release, packed with essentials and action steps that would lead to the promised results when implemented.

Adam is extremely creative, with so many cool, out of the box ideas. He is a fan of boardgames, MMORPGs, and fantasy. He is always looking to make his programs fun and quest-like. With points to collect as writing speed increases, with tons of creative ideas, following variety. 

We collaborated on a series of projects, including a course audit to reduce overwhelm in clients. And a 30-day writing quest that ended up being EPIC.

💫 Meg, brand alkemist

What did we work on? 

Meg and I collaborated on quite a few projects. Including her signature course The Rainbow Island, her short course The Seadragon Journey, as well as some other events, like Bubble’s Archetype Adventure.

Found ways to make the action steps easier and more fun to implement.

Brought awareness of results to acknowledge progress, drive curiosity, and produce awesome testimonials.

Looked at possible doubts that might come up while taking the course and doing the homework. This made it easier to find solutions and ways to bypass doubt or prevent it from coming up.

What did our work together produce?

You might have figured this out about me, but I am not a fan of keeping score. I would rather track the fun, ease, passion, and expanded awareness that comes up in your work together. So, even if our collaboration led to financial rewards and client results, I will not be focusing on those. It’s just not my style. 

And I know I might be losing some of you because of this, but I am just not willing to focus on these things that always shift and are not really in our control and differ from client to client. I am a fan of the work, the process, the excitement, the working smarter, not harder, doing more of the things we love. 

Feeling awesome about the courses we put out there, embracing more of the expert vibe we’ve got going on, and showcasing the value of our work, without trying to fit this tiny idea of perfection that prevents us from releasing something new or changing something that’s no longer working the way we wanted to.

Repurpose & create content with ease.

Explain what you do in a way that makes sense to other people. Easily use different pieces and create more courses or trainings. Tons of material for content that’s fun to release.

Better articulate the results of your work when marketing.

Everything is easier when you can explain exactly what your program does. Mapping out your courses allows you to see the limitless return on investment, easily leading to more sales.

Once you know how to create such a course, you sell something that you know is amazing. And makes you so excited to share. And that, my friends, is the best marketing strategy that you will ever learn. I guarantee you that. That has been my experience.

(Meg Rouje, brand and communication strategist)

Send me an email if you’d like to collaborate on an existing or new course you want to streamline.


PS: Meg also took my course where I teach you how to do what I do. This is what she said in one of her many referrals and testimonials:

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