The Mysterious Course Island

by Tini

The Mysterious Course Island

Add a results-driven mini-course to your business… or more!!!

Share your genius, innovative ideas with the world in a practical way by adding a results-driven mini-course to your business. Or by refreshing an existing one.

Without spending months learning complicated course creation stuff.

By using a highly-rated structure and cool features that produce results and testimonials fast.

The price is €97.

This course has changed my whole outlook on courses. Both my ability to create them and get results from them myself. It was fun, inspired creativity and helped me build so much trust in my ability to express myself in a way that helps others.

It’s so flexible and applicable because Tini gets to the root, the foundation of how to piece things together so that anyone could share their value in a brilliant course. It’s genius!
Heather Lloyd
Health Coach

What's inside?

1. The Mountain of Gold - Intro

  • Stick to just one idea instead of pursuing all of them by having a place to collect your thoughts.
  • Collect content in a simple way so you don’t waste those fun, innovative ideas.
  • Create an experience where your clients feel seen, heard, cared for.

2. Footsteps in the Sand - Course Idea

  • Get excited about your mini-course idea by using a simple deep-dive, game-changing strategy.
  • Pick the best idea for a results-driven mini-course that stands out.
  • Simplify course content creation just by making sure your idea is not a random collection of strategies and tools but it’s powerful, specific, and impactful.
I've never been to a course (and I take loads) that is so to the point, clear, and allows for exciting results in such a short time. I can see how much better and faster results my clients can have now, thanks to this amazing journey.
Meg Rouje
Brand Alkemist

3. Path through the Forest - Outline

  • Map out your entire mini-course with ease, while getting content done along the way, by using the results-knowledge-action flow.
  • Uncover the many results that are possible in your mini-course so that you see that less is actually more.
  • Identify the actual purpose of the course content and help your clients get faster results.

4. Captain Nemo's Submarine - Lesson Structure

  • Get your clients motivated to take action and keep your thoughts organized with ease by using a simple and powerful structure that makes sense.
  • Discover what makes someone take action and how to use that in every lesson to get your clients to open up and go through the lessons.
  • Use this to structure lessons, masterclasses, workshops, trainings, coaching sessions in a way that encourages taking action.

5. The Heart of the Island - Enticing Action Steps

  • Make your mini-course actionable, with tasks that your clients actually want to take action on by creating safety, certainty, variety, and balance throughout your mini-course.
  • Reduce overwhelm and decision fatigue so it’s easier for clients to take action.
  • Create safety, certainty, and increase the return on investment from your course, producing more testimonials.

6. The Lost City of Atlantis - Cool Features

  • Elevate your course and make sure it stands out, without overwhelming your clients or yourself, with 3 powerful features.
  • Use the binge-worthy method to increase course completion rate and maximize implementation.
  • Add features that make your course stand out. These features generate more referrals too.
I was able to create a mini-course in less than a week-something I struggled with for 2 years.
Lisa Drennon
Wealth Activator Coach

7. Sunset on the Beach - Finishing Touches

  • Create a complete client experience by adding the last 2 pieces to your course and making sure you not only meet expectations but exceed them.
  • Generate results right from the start with a unique intro.
  • Amplify client satisfaction by bringing awareness to results.

This self-study course teaches you skills that you can use in your delivery. Be that a course, coaching session, masterclass, video/written training series. 


No. My priority is making sure the content is easy to understand and that your clients take action. This is what produces client results. You could have the most beautiful videos, workbooks, slide presentations on the planet, the best branding and graphic elements, the most expensive course platform but if the content is overwhelming, then people don’t do the work. If they don’t do the work, they don’t see results.

One of my clients wanted to make sure her course was fun, fresh, easy to follow and knew right away that she wanted it to be in written format, with just a handful of meditation and visualization videos. Optimized the entire course and sent her a beautifully structured script that was easy to transfer to the platform she had already chosen.

I teach you the foundational principles that I have been using to create my own courses and support my clients in creating theirs.

The content is the one that’s getting people on a journey and helping them get results. We all like a mix of things, depending on what’s going on at any given point in our lives. You might love video content but if you’re traveling, have no headphones and want to navigate a course, written content doesn’t sound that crazy, does it?

No. This is not a business program. This is a delivery-focused program that helps you get better client results by creating awesome client experiences and have people referring your programs. 

Yes. Here’s why:

The primary function of this course is to teach you the essential elements to create a mini-course from start to finish. Each coaching session can be viewed as an extended lesson that you adapt on the spot depending on the client. You still need to help clients become aware of the connection between you coaching them and the results they get.

Often, people discount the power of coaching because they expect overnight results. So, they look for a tiny amount of results. When they don’t see them, they tend to think that coaching is not worth it.

Take weight loss, for instance. You could help a client experience a major shift during one single session, a shift that can change everything for them, but if they don’t know what results to look for, they will look at the scale. When they don’t see what they want… you get it.

One key principle that you find in this course is how to bring awareness to results. This has a two-fold effect. Win-win style. It helps clients make a strong association between their results and your coaching. And it helps you see your knowledge from a different perspective – one that shows you how much more valuable your expertise really is.

Not to mention that this helps you receive even more awesome testimonials from loyal clients.

While this course does not teach you marketing or sales strategies, what you’re about to learn amplifies your marketing and sales process. Because when you know your course helps your clients get the results they’re looking for, it is easier to tell everyone about it.

When you package your expertise in practical courses that deliver on the promise, you’re more excited to talk about them. Plus, you make it easier for your clients to leave awesome testimonials, buy services and other courses or products from you, and refer you and your courses to others.

By the way, this course helps you even if you’re creating a brand new course or are looking to optimize an existing one.

PS: You can also use these principles in your coaching sessions. People are supposed to do their homework there, as well, right? Win-win.


The beauty of a varied experience, which I understand completely as a 3/5 Generator (if you’re into Human Design), having a background in nutrition, criminology, customer service, teaching, writing, and more, enhances your ability to bring unique courses into the world.

The Mysterious Course Island is here to help you keep your delivery specific enough so as not to overwhelm. And to arrange your knowledge in a logical way so that people can easily follow along and do the work.

I also recommend you check out the free preview available for the first 2 lessons. It helps to get an idea of what to expect and get started right away even before you sign up.

Once you get the course, you can dive right in. The content is all there already, available in WordPress. You can start creating your next course or optimize an existing one right away. The course teaches you the foundational principles behind structuring the content/curriculum for a results-driven course.

As you can imagine, I want you to buy something that will serve YOU. It’s my priority to clarify any doubts so that you decide one way or the other. If you have any questions or want to explore working with me 1:1, send me an email at 

The lessons are short, max 5 minutes each. A total of close to 1 hour of video content. So that you don’t have to make an extra effort to show up at a specific time or date or spend hours figuring things out.

Apart from the video lessons, you have access to pdf materials that contain the main ideas and the action steps. So that it’s easier for you to take your knowledge and structure it in a clear way.

With this course, you know that whenever you want to create a class, there’s a tool here waiting for you to use.

PS: You can watch the first 2 videos as part of the free preview, without having to create an account or leave your email to do so. This gives you a sneak peek into what to expect.

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