Custom Course Scripts & Structures

For established health and wellness experts who want clients to fall in love with their innovative work and choose them as the go-to expert.


I will extract one short, practical course from your already existing written content (posts, blogs, articles, video transcripts, extra notes).


A minimalist course designed to highlight you as the expert and give people a valuable experience with you. One where they understand what you teach and they implement with ease, getting the promised results.


This way, they get familiar with you and your approach faster. Since they get results, it’s easier for them to become raving fans of your work. And you also better prepare them for your more extended work together. Win-win-win.


Type of delivery: Written script to be used as a framework with all the essential elements needed for a well-structured, results-driven course. All based on your existing content so that the script sounds like you and feels really good to deliver.


Regardless of the format you choose to release the course in, you know that it works and that people will see the value of the knowledge you share.


Delivery time: 3 weeks from the start date which we will choose together.


The cost for a custom written for you expert course is €1000.


If you're interested in a complete course/program makeover and a refreshed script for a bigger program, we can talk about what that would look like.


To discuss a possible collaboration, send me an email:

In-depth Course/Program Audit/Review

For established health and wellness experts who want raving fans and a course that's easy to sell and recommend.


Both for existing courses that have already been delivered and upcoming ones where you already have a script and want to make sure it's easy to follow and effective.


Professional recommendations on how to streamline the content, increase implementation, and create a memorable, engaging experience for participants.


Highlighting the value of the course and connecting each piece to the desired outcomes so that it’s easier for participants to see the value, you’re more excited to talk about it, and also makes it easier to sell.


Bonus insights on how to use this existing course to become the go-to, sought-after expert in your field.


These will be recommendations that you can implement and use right away to get things moving, as well as long-term recommendations for when you decide to release a new, revamped version of the course/program.


Type of delivery: Written doc with in-depth insights and recommendations. 


The review services start at €500.


Delivery costs and times depend on the type of course, program, or class being reviewed.


To discuss a possible collaboration to increase the effectiveness and transformative impact of your course, send me an email: 

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