Streamlining & implementation consulting

by Tini

💫 Meg, brand alkemist

What did we work on? 

Meg and I collaborated on quite a few projects. Including her signature course The Rainbow Island, her short course The Seadragon Journey, as well as some other events, like Bubble’s Archetype Adventure.

Things we streamlined:

Ways to make the action steps easier and more fun to implement.

Awareness of results to acknowledge progress, drive curiosity, and produce awesome testimonials.

Looked at any possible doubts that might come up while taking the course and doing the homework. This made it easier to find solutions and ways to bypass doubt or prevent it from coming up.

How did this help Meg?

Repurpose & create content with ease.
Explain what you do in a way that makes sense to other people. Easily use different pieces and create more courses or trainings. Tons of material for content that’s fun to release.

Better articulate the results of her work when marketing.

Everything is easier when you can explain exactly what your program does. Mapping out your courses allows you to see the limitless return on investment, easily leading to more sales. 

Once you know how to create such a course, you sell something that you know is amazing. And makes you so excited to share. And that, my friends, is the best marketing strategy that you will ever learn. I guarantee you that. That has been my experience.

(Meg Rouje, brand and communication strategist)

One thing that always happens & is essential:

The very first step of every project is getting to know you and your work. I read your content. I watch your videos. I listen to your audios. I immerse myself into your world. And I see things. This is why, sometimes, the end result differs from the initial intention. Because there are treasures in your content that we are not aware of. We can’t be aware of every single thing all the time. As I explore and ideas come and the content gets written, I share what I see with you so that you feel how others see you. The wealth of knowledge, the potential that can be further explored, the experiences that you’ve had and shared that are changing the world.

Want your own starter course extracted from your existing content? Send me an email: and talk to me about your course ideas.


PS: Meg also took my course where I teach you how to do what I do. This is what she said in one of her many referrals and testimonials:

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