Outline review & Workshop structure C

by Tini

💫 C, wellness and motivational speaker

Idea & purpose: C wanted to create a course to shift the way people think about microdosing with psilocybine and consider joining him on a more extended self-discovery, playful journey.


Mountain of Gold: C had an existing course outline that he wanted to expand on. The course would educate people on the importance of microdosing after 50 and how to do this safely. He also had a website with merch designed to bring people together, as well as an Instagram account where he had shared motivational content, with fun challenges, and a podcast.


Delivered product: Workshop structure with engaging questions, opportunities for C to share his stories for relatability, while showcasing his experience and sparking conversations. A thought-provoking workshop framework for C to use during delivery. Containing recurring elements from his existing content.

Course outline review: 

After a brief conversation where he further
explained the vision for the course and how he wanted to create something
rather quickly for his existing followers, I had but one question for him: How attached are you to the current outline?

I see this so often. Where we have this passion for a topic, yet we go on to teach it like we think it should be taught. Just like we learned in school. The theory, mostly. And this takes away that initial drive, leaving behind a course like every other course out there.

3 things that we discussed before moving on to creating the framework for a workshop vs a more in depth course:

1. Passionate vs generic curriculum.

There was a discrepancy between what he
wanted to accomplish and the outline he had put together. He was so excited
about the work and about raising awareness around the benefits of microdosing
and sharing his experiences. But the outline felt generic. It was like every
other technical course out there that taught someone how to microdose, what
microdosing was.


We decided to put together a workshop. This
would be faster than a full-blown course. The workshop could then be
transformed into a short course. He could even charge a small fee for the
workshop to help support his mission. And he could immediately send people to
check out his website and the already existing merch there.

 2. Signature methodology.

3. Know-like-trust through examples.

The first lesson in his existing outline was about sharing his personal story to build trust and rapport. It was really important to find a way to share about his experiences to show how microdosing after 50 is not something to be feared. But sharing all the stories right from the start would only push people away. What we did instead was sprinkle his many experiences throughout the workshop as examples to support the concepts he is teaching. 



Action item – Question for the audience:


What message would
you spread if you were in charge of a community that was here to make this world
a better place? One thing.

What is something
that you want to speak up about?


By making it about
something that can change the world in a peaceful way, you realize that there
is still good in your life. That there is still passion in there.


Example – Share your experience:


clothing line. How did it come about? Weren’t you scared that people would say
stuff or see you a certain way?


As you can see, the example not only helps make a point, but it also showcases C’s values and brings awareness to the products he is offering.

Action steps & structure: 

Engaging questions. 

His audience is 50+ people so it was
important to find a way to shift perspectives without providing too much
homework, while making sure people could already use the wisdom within… the
message that runs across most of C’s content.


We did this by using questions where people
could notice how they have already been doing most of the shifts involved in
microdosing, only that they did so with other things.




What is something that you managed to change that other people thought you couldn’t? Even if that’s having changed your mind about what foods you like or dislike.

Knowing yourself,
what would make you want to try something that’s quite far from what you’d call
your comfort zone?


All of these matched with relevant stories to showcase that C walks the talk. 




Other features: The very first Instagram video I watched of C’s contained a playful challenge to get people to connect by doing something quite uncomfortable. We included this as a bonus in the workshop tying everything up and giving a tangible action step people could test out into the world, now after all their mind shifts and open hearts. We called the section Bonus Smiles.

To make the workshop even more fun, we included a few analogies from C’s favorite movie. Which suited the flow and content of the workshop so well.


Finishing touches: 

Added a recap of results to help the participants become aware of how many things they’ve discovered about themselves during their short time together. 

C got inspired and came up with an awesome title for his workshop. One that is way more fun that “Microdosing”, more importantly, he loves the framework. He is excited about delivering this workshop. And that excitement is way more impactful than any other generic course we could ever put together. There’s tons of information out there on various topics. What sets us apart is our unique life experience, the stories, the practical insights, the action steps that we took. We simply found a way to put those all together in a non-overwhelming framework.


More about the versatility of the framework: 

C can continue to add some of the missing pieces, like examples and other ideas or stories that the questions included in the framework inspire him to think of. He has room to improvise depending on who joins and interacts during the workshop.

Want your own course reviewed, the outline, action steps, all of it? Or interested in a flexible framework to streamline the delivery for your next course, class, event? Send me an email: hey@tiniadventure.com and let’s talk about it. My consulting services start at €200.


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