Emails in one place

1. How to grab attention through your content (5 ways to create crave-worthy content)

2. Playing to one’s strengths (Motivation in content, courses, and life)

3. What if you did this instead? (Taking action without overthinking)

4. Sneaky (fun) way to create content

5. Weekend story (another content idea + free resource 3 ways to make your content memorable)

6. Infinite ideas

7. A story of integrity (and how to genuinely connect with your ideal clients)

8. Feelings, burnout & the norm

9. 3 ways to make content interesting

10. Have you ever thought about this? (how to give clients what they want in your course)

11. I finally did this thing (Lessons from a $10k program)

12. Are you on facebook? (How do you make your content stand out? )

13. Manifestation

14. Is there a right or wrong way of creating content?

15. A real conversation (reasons behind indecision and postponing creating a course)

16. Being honest (a story of consistency, our desires, our reality)

17. Beyond what we imagine (our impact is limitless)

18. Let the games begin (a fun little game of self-discovery)

19. 3 spices to take your content to another level

20. Connection & networking

21. Looking at thoughts (practice to get endless content ideas)

22. Results, shifts & online courses

23. The right moment

24. A note to remember

25. Is honesty a secret weapon?

26. Tell me all about it

27. Build anticipation and watch joy happen

28. An unexpected relationship – manifestation & course creation

29. What to do when you want to do so many things?

30. Waited for 6 months to do this – what changed?

31. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate

32. Hidden message for you

33. Value display

34. Expand beyond what you think is possible

35. Keep inspiring

36. Quick wins for the win

37. There’s a new course in town

38. Found this interesting

39. 101 ways to transform your life

40. Q&A

41. Creativity challenge

42. 6-step course content creation strategy

43. How to extend that initial drive to change

44. Will you choose one?

45. Course outline mysteries

46. Deeper, meaningful connections

47. Watching old shows and learning new things

48. Choosing to celebrate with you

49. Discovered this

50. Secret mini-training

51. Mystery tip #1 (increase client satisfaction by helping them navigate the course with ease and take time to implement)

52. Do you feel the same? (Reminder: feelings first, then results)

53. Mystery tip #2 (feedback and support)

54. Invitation to mini-course idea

55. The end of an era

56. From 99 to 997 course case study

57. Quick question for you

58. Dare to dream (and a new feature in town)

59. Question for you

60. Mystery tip: 3 ways to make action steps more powerful

61. Funny story & 3 things for you

62. It’s official – workshop happening!

63. Engaging check-in course feature

64. Mystery tip: Floating features

65. 1/8 Courses that stand out: the power of intention

66. 2/8 Courses that stand out: 3 steps to outline a course

67. Mini-course in 7 days

68. 3/8 Courses that stand out: build desire

69. 4/8 Courses that stand out: be bold and create

70. 5/8 Courses that stand out: results-driven action steps

71. 6/8 Courses that stand out: the right time

72. In control

73. Hey, change! What’s up?

74. 7/8 Courses that stand out: lightning tip

75. 8/8 Courses that stand out: action steps