The components of an effective course

by Tini

An effective course is a course that is clear, concise, actionable and naturally leads to the promised results.

1. Results-driven and specific idea. Now, I am even thinking of breaking down my entire signature course which is only 55-minutes long into these specific mini-courses that explain things in even more depth.

2. Intro that catches attention and gives a quick win. If that’s the only lesson people consume, let them to get something out of it.

3. Structure that flows based on results people collect along the way. This is one of my favorite things to do – to structure courses. My passion.

4. Binge-worthy lesson structure that empowers and sparks curiosity. Lessons designed to get someone ready and excited to implement. Once you know this lesson structure and you start using it, mind blown. It all just makes sense.

5. Clear, relatable examples.

6. Knowledge that is based on implementation and gets people ready to take action.

7. Enticing action steps.

8. And an ending that brings even more awareness to results.

There are way more elements included in the development of a results-driven course. But these 8 are enough to get things going in the desired direction.

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