What to do when clients don’t seem that motivated to do the work

by Tini

They say they want the results. They say they will do the thing. But they don’t.

So, what’s happening? Is it really motivation or something else?

Most often, it’s the overwhelm.

Clients need to decode the information you’re giving them.

What feels too simple to you can actually be too complex for others.

Most of the concepts people are learning might be completely new to them.

Even if you think what you’re teaching is obvious, it usually isn’t.

Just like a few months ago when I first learned that my kitchen scale had a TARA function. And I had been mentally calculating the weight… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it… but it was taking more time and energy than to simply push a button and let the tool do the work for me.

This matters even if you have an existing program or are thinking of creating one. You want to make sure the program/course is simple, easy to navigate, without focusing on the things you can’t control… like how much battery is left in the kitchen scale.

If you’re a seasoned coach who’s looking to make a bigger impact, either by turning your expertise into a program/course or by simplifying an existing one, apply for 5 days of free 1:1 consulting with me. Based on your answers, I will get back to you in 1-3 business days with details on what to expect during the 5 days. Or if it even makes sense to collaborate.

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