Quick tip on how to keep lessons short

by Tini

One common remark that I hear is “I will try to keep it short”…

What does that mean? How short is that short? And how will you make sure you stay within the guidelines?

We tend to over-deliver. Which, contrary to popular belief, leads to overwhelm. Which leads to freeze mode. People stop taking action. Their initial motivation fades and they’re left out of steam. The drive they had was spent on taking notes.

The real problem is that without a clear, results-driven structure, it’s harder to keep things short and simple. Just think about how easy it is to come up with thoughts. Even as you’re talking to someone and you get thoughts that are related to that topic or not. Both taking up space and focus. If you choose to share those related thoughts, you might end up adding cool knowledge or even things to do… but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s more things to know, understand, remember, take action on.

The solution is to keep lessons short and to the point. One way to do this is by setting the intention to have lessons that are around 5 minutes long. Having a script helps keep things more organized. A script keeps you on track. Even if you choose to include a thought or idea that intuitively comes up, you know where to pick things up.

Yes, you can go with the flow. But you also know where you left off.

A mystery tip here is to know that 150 words are the equivalent of a 1-minute recording. Give or take, depending on how fast you talk or how fast people read, in case your course content is released in written format.

If you are having a hard time keeping your delivery short, simple, to the point, let’s talk.

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