2 Often Overlooked key ingredients for a coaching program or course that turns heads

by Tini

A program or course that turns heads is one that delivers on the promise.

In order to do that, you need to consider the client experience. How your clients consume the content and how easily they understand the concepts you teach.

When people understand what they’re supposed to do, it’s easier for them to take action.

#1. Clearly explain concepts

This is a portion of a lesson or session where you only discuss the knowledge your clients need. Which prepares them to take action. There are no action steps involved in this section. It’s just about explaining what you want them to understand.

Use examples that people relate to. Pay attention to what your clients like, what they’re familiar with and passionate about. Because the examples section is the place where you can easily add to the experience. Without adding things to do.

#2. Use strategies that are unique

Unique processes that you have witnessed. Not ones that you’ve seen others using. Even if you’re using someone else’s methodology due to certifications, for instance, you have a unique way of putting that into practice.

Become aware of that strategy. And explain it based on observation.

For instance, when I first started as a nutritionist, I had attended classes and gotten certifications. However, the principles that I was taught were too complex and they didn’t work when I put them to practice. There were other ways, simpler ways to help someone get the results they were looking for.

This is how I ended up creating a course that teaches how to design your own 7-day clean eating meal plan. Describing the process I was using to design meal plans.

Share your genius with the world!

Do not think that everyone else knows better than you do or that their methods are the best. You have a unique way of seeing the world. It’s just a matter of bringing that to the surface by structuring your genius into highly-effective programs or courses. This is how your clients recommend you as the go-to expert. You’re not only helping them get results but you’re bringing something fresh and unique into the world.

If you want us to work together in bringing your ideas to life, first check out my mini-course on how to pick the best idea for a results-driven, impactful program or course. And then, let’s talk!

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