Want to add a results-driven mini-course to your business?

by Tini

Want to add a results-driven mini-course to your business? Fast?

You have lots of cool ideas and you’re searching for a quick, straightforward way to bring them to life. So, you decide to join a course creation challenge.

Yaaay! Exciting!!! You can’t wait for the challenge to start.

And then, it does. Day 1 in the bag.

Not exactly what you expected. But it’s just day 1, right?

You keep going. But soon that initial motivation starts to fade away. And you realize that this is a waste of time. You’re not learning how to actually create a course.

But instead, you’re getting hit with the same strategies that only lead to overwhelm.

Take day 1 for instance. Introductions are not supposed to be boring. They’re meant to give you quick results. This is something that I learned from hosting my courses on marketplaces that would ask clients for reviews early on, not after they’d finished the course.

You want to bring it right from the start!

Now, you already know how to market and sell. So, you’re looking for something else. You want to know how to stay organized with your content and deliver in a fun, engaging way. Making sure that your clients are motivated and do the work.

Just because someone invests in a program, it doesn’t mean that they will sit there and watch countless hours of content and sift through information to get what they need.

Think about supermarkets. Everything has its place. You don’t have to sift through countless items that you don’t need just to find the ones you came to the supermarket for. Can you imagine supermarkets without the structure they have now?

What if you created courses and events that blew your clients’ minds, delivered on the promise and then some, and they not only decide to continue working with you but they tell everyone about their experience?

It starts with keeping your clients’ results in mind.

What do they need to know and do to get those results?

Thinking about your course this way will help you keep things simple.

For instance, if you want your clients to learn how to plan and prep family-friendly meals for 3 days (result), they need to (know and do):

– understand the meal prep technique you decided to focus on

– choose recipes that they’re familiar with so they don’t feel overwhelmed by creating completely new recipes from scratch

– know the steps involved in meal planning and prepping

– know how to be organized

– scan their home for ingredients

– know how to make this process family-friendly

– create a list of recipes for 3 days

– break down the recipes by meals

– create a shopping list

– go shopping

– write down the meal prep process: identify duration, cooking method, order

– prepare the meals

– know how to store meals

– have quick, healthy meal ideas as a backup

These elements are part of the course outline.

Once you identify the results, the knowledge and the action steps, you need to make sure the content goes straight to the point, inspires and motivates.

Make sure the lessons lead one into the other and your clients want to know what comes next.

Creating a course goes way beyond learning goals, a specific number of steps people need to take or the platforms you’re going to host your course on.

A course is an experience. 🏝️ Or rather, it’s supposed to be one. It’s supposed to be clear and actionable. To create space and motivate.

Here’s the kicker:

The platform doesn’t matter as much. The tech you use doesn’t matter as much, as long as it’s clean, crisp. These are common sense items.

BUT if your course content is not on point, none of it matters. After all, you could simply release the course in written format and have people joining straight away.

I created this meal plan and prep mini-course for my client and she delivered the content by email over the course of 6 days.

Positioned it as a 5-day challenge. People were taking action, sharing their meals, sharing their plans, their insights. It’s all in the content structure, the flow, the features.

If you want your clients to get great results, you want to learn to create a course the right way. The simple, no fluff way. Not only will this be incredibly valuable for your clients but it will make the process fun and easier for you too.

Inside my program The Mysterious Course Island: Mini-Course in 7 days, you get in on the simplest, most satisfying way to create results-driven courses.

You’ll know how to:

☀️ pick the best idea for your next mini-course

☀️ outline the client experience

☀️ structure your lessons with ease

☀️ deliver enticing action steps

☀️ add cool features so your course stands out

☀️ create a satisfying client experience in a clear and actionable way

The experience is designed to be non-overwhelming. It’s all about keeping things simple.

You can join HERE.

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