How to let things go and trust that your cool ideas will come back

by Tini

Sitting in bed, mind racing, excited about a new offer I was putting together. Wanted to set every little detail in place. But I also wanted to sleep.

Decided to let things go. Let them go they say… don’t obsess over the little things. Let things pass through you so that they don’t block your energy. They keep flowing. Never really understood what that meant.

The first time I became more aware of this was when I read The Untethered Soul.

Thought about writing down the ideas so I wouldn’t forget. Was forcing more ideas to come. Just like when we try to remember something, maybe a dream or what we wanted to say. Forcing only adds more walls.

Whereas when we let that need to force ourselves to remember and just continue the conversation, that thing comes to the surface. Because we have already sent the signal to our subconscious mind so it keeps looking for the right information in the background.

With the ideas and thoughts that come right before we sleep, used to think that they would all disappear in the morning. They are all so good and will be lost forever.

Decided not to disrupt my sleep by opening up my phone and write down the ideas. Decided to trust that the ideas that are meant to stay will reveal themselves at the right time. Without forcing. Living in the now. Allowing things to flow.

Was even expanding this idea about letting things go and how it would work when I share my experience… so, more things to let go.

Fell asleep so quickly.

And guess what?

All of the ideas came to the surface gradually when I needed them. Did not spend time trying to remember them. They just lit up like Christmas tree lights. One by one. In waves and patterns.

In line with the idea “if you love someone, let them go. if you’re meant to be together, they will come back to you.”

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