Case study time! Case study time!

by Tini

“We have a 6-module course priced at $99 that we’d like to update because right now it is not as effective as we want it to be.”

Even though my client knew that the information in the modules was valuable, they felt the course was not designed for the most effective client experience.

So, here are 5 of the major changes the course went through, each geared towards better client results, increasing the value of the course.

💫 Progress & completion 

Before: The 6 modules were lengthy, about 30-40 minutes each. Packed with information, multiple action steps scattered throughout.

You can imagine what this was like for the client. Lots of note taking, having to organize their thoughts, the action steps, to reflect on them, to find the will power to implement, be cautious about feeling overwhelmed, knowing what action step to start with and then… feeling like they’re still not moving forward because they need to spend more time just on that 1 video. This in itself, when written down is overwhelming.

Solution: We turned the 6 modules into a total of 28 mini-lessons, each with its own topic and action step. 

👉 Easy to follow, allowing space to breathe and feel like they are always moving forward. How much is taking all this pressure off of a client worth? When they know exactly what to do, they do it, they are progressing every single time they watch a video in the course. That is priceless!

💫 Flow

Before: The first module in the course was about the reasons for change, obstacles, effective meal planning, and goal-setting.

While motivation might seem like the logical first step in a program, it rarely is the one to cover in a first module because the client is already motivated to do this thing when they start the program, otherwise they would not have bought. So, they didn’t need to connect to their reasons so early in the course.

Solution: Instead, we positioned the most powerful module first. The one that would set the foundation for the entire transformation. The one that would give them results right from the beginning. Results aligned with that initial drive.

👉 When someone sees results right from the beginning and sets a strong foundation that adds to their progress, that is priceless. As opposed to a course that provides information in the beginning and then moves into the implementation phase when motivation usually drops.

💫 Learning to anticipate 

Before: As with any course, there are moments when motivation drops. But the way the course was set up did not take this into consideration.

So, we sat down to identify when that would happen. With an existing program it’s easier to do this. You notice the behavior within your program. And then find solutions to help your clients overcome that dip in motivation. It happens to everyone, regardless of how much we might want to get something.

Solution: What we did was to take that initial module and move it right in the middle of the program. We called it „The Secret Fuel Station“ where they get to reconnect to their why, they identify obstacles in their lives and find solutions.

👉 The clients feel heard, seen, and cared for every step of the way. Anticipating client needs is an extremely powerful feature that should become part of every single course curriculum design. This comes from feedback received along the way, as the course is taken by more and more clients. There is always room for improvement and that is a beautiful thing.

💫 Aligned & exciting journey

Before: The modules were simply named Module 1, Module 2, Module 3.

Which is not necessarily bad but it’s not too enticing either.

Solution: We attached a time travel theme to the course. Which was so in tune with my client’s mission of helping families stay true to their culture, create lasting memories, and live a healthy, happy, long life. We renamed all of the modules and lessons to make them appealing, exciting, intriguing.

👉 Here’s a sneak peek into the names:

💫 Balanced action 

Before: Remember all those scattered action steps?

Action steps come in various degrees of difficulty. And we needed to be mindful of these. Watching client behavior is key in observing any emerging patterns.

Solution: We kept things fresh and light by alternating action step difficulty. Heavy action steps were followed by lighter lessons with action steps that helped them see things in a different way, giving them satisfying results and insights. All contributing to the overall transformation.

👉 For instance, it’s one to ask them to add more fruits and vegetables into their diets (to do something every single day) and another to identify whether they’re getting enough fiber through a quick quiz. One is heavier and the other is lighter. In doing so, their awareness also increases and they are more motivated to take action.

Everything is connected.

These are just a few of the things we did to optimize this course. And the result:

“I have been recording videos like crazy! The content and flow works really well, Tini. But after this, I feel that I am undervaluing the work as we think about pricing it to users.”

Just like that, they raised their price to $997, knowing that it is worth even more than that. Because how can you put a price tag on the overall transformation? On what that transformation allows someone to do?

This is how we change the world, one idea and course at a time! If you want my help getting better client results by optimizing your course, send me a message.

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