How to receive awesome client testimonials in minutes

by Tini

Want to receive client testimonials in minutes?

Not that easy when people take forever to see results.

So you stop selling the course altogether until your clients implement and you see that the course works.

You’ve tried to send messages to your clients. You’ve done more videos. And created more posts to get them to navigate the course. But none of that seems to work.

Because it’s just more content to consume.

A problem that I see often is the content, apart from it being super long, it doesn’t highlight the benefits of navigating it.

Yes, people want the results but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to go through hours of content especially if they don’t really know what’s in it for them.

That desire for the result doesn’t make up for the fact that they need to put in extra effort and energy to simplify things for themselves and motivate themselves to take action.

This is even harder to do when it’s not clear whether they’re moving forward or not.

This is actually one of the biggest reasons why people stop doing the work in a program. They can go without being aware of results for so long.

If you step on a scale and don’t see any change but you’ve been doing what you were supposed to, then you don’t keep doing the work. Not only because it’s tough but there’s nothing in it for you. The benefits of not taking action outweigh those that come from doing the work.

Help your clients become aware of their progress. So they keep doing the work because they see it working.

You do this by starting all of your lessons and sessions with desire. Tell them about all those benefits they get if they consume that one lesson, even if that’s live, replay or even delivered in written format.

Why is what they’re about to learn and do important?

What are the benefits they get?

Not only does this motivate them to open up, complete the lesson and take action. But it shows them that they’re getting way more than they signed up for. So, it’s easier for them to notice that doing the work leads to progress. Because they only see things through their own perspective.

They wouldn’t think that being more productive was a sign of their efforts being rewarded. They wouldn’t associate their new habit of drinking water first thing in the morning with lowering their stress levels or increasing their energy.

And then, when your course is super specific, it’s even easier to come up with more tangible benefits. This free mini-course helps you come up with unique, specific, results-driven course ideas.

Some of these benefits are instant. Some take a bit of time. But all of them have one thing in common – they don’t matter unless people are aware of them.

Once they are, once they see the link between the work they’re doing in your course and the results they’re getting, they will continue doing the work. And they send you messages saying how cool your course really is. How much it’s already helped them, even if they have way more to go.

This is one of the most important steps when structuring a results-driven course.

If you’d like my help optimizing your course so that they’re more likely to do the work and get even better results, contact me.

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